Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Looking back

It's the end of January, and I'm now at 29 weeks in my 3rd pregnancy. There's so much to tell, but lately I've found myself looking back to my first two births, wondering how they will compare to this new introduction of life.

My baby was due on July 1st, 2005. Every appointment with my doctor led to an induction on that date. Nothing was wrong, but I was tired of being pregnant and she was ready for me to have this baby. I continued to put it off though, hoping I would go into labor naturally.

On the 3rd, I felt more antsy and uneasy than usual. Again, nothing in particular stands out, simply a feeling of readiness.

Finally, at 5:00pm, I gave in. I called my doctor to set up the induction. My doctor was on call over the 4th of July, so she had me come in right away. By six o'clock, I was all hooked up.

What follows was mostly a jumble. The contractions strengthened with the Pitocin, and I eventually requested Nubain to deal with them. I felt helpless, lying in bed, watching The Wizard of OZ on TV. All of the monitors prevented me from getting up, and I didn't pee all night. My husband said I was halucinating, talking about purple buses and dinosaurs. At some point, I had him call my mom and my sister, who stayed with me all night.

The next morning I was ready to push. The worst part was feeling like I had to push, but constantly being told not to. It was agony! I had to wait half an hour for the doctor to arrive.

After the doctor arrived, I pushed for about half an hour, watching the clock. His head was delivered, and I felt relieved that I had done it.

Wait, no. He wasn't out, yet. His shoulders were stuck, and I was exhuasted!

"Come on sweetheart, push! You have to push for the baby!" My husband said. I could feel the tension in the room build. DH was nearing panic.

"I can't! I can't!" I said, but stopping wasn't an option. Someone helped me sit up and curl around my belly, and I remember using my hands to help push him out.

Out he did come, and cried! He was 9lbs, 8.5 oz. A wave of relief washed over the room. When I got to hold him, he was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. Yes, he looked like an old man, (my friend likes to say that all babies do at first) but I thought he was beautiful.

My mother-in-law, Jackson, and me