Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stopping to smell the roses

Stopping to smell the roses
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This is the life. Really, what can be better than making a home where everyone is loved? I can't imagine anything better than sitting with my boys in the evenings and reading to them.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ballet T-shirt, all finished

Ballet T-shirt, all finished
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I dug this out a week ago and did my first post-baby fitting. It was WAY short, so I added another 3 inches, for a total of aproximately 30 extra rows. I did break into a new skein , finishing just under 2.5 skeins.
Here it is, all done. It's very breezy - I'll need to find a dark tank top to wear under it for modesty. It stretches a great deal across the bust - it looks a bit like wearing a fishnet top.
I do like the color, and it was fun to knit. I could see obvious progress very quickly, and the yarn was easy and comfortable to work with. I had 3 tie-ins the whole project, so with CO and BO ends, only 5 to weave in. Not bad.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Everything and Nothing

What a week! Everything changed, and yet nothing changed. The other day I looked in the backseat and annouced, "Okay boys! Time to get out!" There are three now, but I still can say "boys" and not "kids" or "children."
My boys are so good. Jackson has been taking care of Zeke, and Nick is learning very quickly what it means to be gentle. Zeke is so alert and happy - I don't remember either of the older boys acting this way at such a young age. I think he really benefited from not having the drugs (pitocin, nubain) that the older boys had when they were born.
I am finding my speed again with three boys. I'd estimate that I'm running at about 80% now. There's always something going on that I have to go do, and I'm glad I can do the things I want to.
I haven't made too much progress on my knitting this week, though I did start a Fair Isle Hooded Capelet from Loop-d-loop. I found the book for $10 at Tuesday morning - talk about a deal! I can return the library copy now.
Now that I've learned to knit continental, I don't care as much for big needle knits. Still, I was able to purl continental, so that's a nice addition to my knitting skills. I like the open yo increases - it adds an interesting dimension to an otherwise flat project.
I also added about 10 rounds to my Lillian Tank Top. It's knitting slowly because of the lace work, but I'm getting faster at it.
Nick pulled out one of my needles on the Hemlock Ring, so I've got some rescuing to do before I can knit any more on that. Oh, and he lost the needle (of course). It might be on hold for a while.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Living by the hour

I found myself counting Zeke's age in hours. He's two hours old, now he's five. Right now, we're up to 78 hours. I can't believe how quickly he's changing!

After the births of Nick and Zeke, it seemed to me that time hit the skip button when I looked at my older children.
Suddenly they were so much bigger and could do so much more than 12 hours ago. Jackson is a big brother now in a new sense - he has two brothers to look out for.
Nick's curiousity keeps him coming back to check on Zeke, and he too seems so much more capable.
Together they are so special to me - I picture them as the best of friends, looking out for each other and finding all kinds of mischief to get into. I wish I knew of a song about little boys and how much their mother's heart goes with them everywhere they go.

I haven't really done much of anything the last few days. I wanted to knit or read, but I find myself staring at my children instead. Still, I did add a couple rounds to my Lillian Tank Top.
I like how the variations in color move like waves through the lace pattern.

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's a....


Zeke - 1 hour old
Ezekiel Edward Toman (Zeke) born at home, on purpose. :D
9lbs exactly
born at 6:47am almost exactly 5 hours from when I woke up.

Zeke - getting measured
He's happy and healthy, and a fantastic nurser! I'm well, and tired. I plan on spending the next few days at home resting, nursing, and knitting.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New stash

Shayne stopped by this morning bearing gifts. Thanks Shayne!
DSC02221Mohair blend
DSC02225There was even some BAMBOO! Yummy! I have no idea what to make with it, however.

So of course I immediately set about finding things to do with all my new stash. :)
First, I'm making the Lilian Tank Top for me out of the blue variegated Bella Colour. I'll make the large, since I doubt this yarn will be very stretchy at all. I actually did a gauge swatch this time, since it's a fitted garment. Good thing I did, I had to drop a needle size.

Second, I started a Hemlock Ring doily in blue.
DSC02227I think my MIL will like it. She LOVES blue, and has a penchant for doilies.

I also lanolized all my wool diaper covers today. Wet wool is kinda stinky. *bleh* Hopefully that won't be much of an issue with them as diaper covers.... We shall see.

Friday the 23rd - Lion Brand yarn goes on sale at Hancock for the weekend.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Now what?

I finished knitting my Ballet T-shirt. Well, almost finished - I still have to weave in ends, but I'm waiting until I can try it on after baby is born and make sure the length is sufficient.

I've been redecorating in my craft room, and I've decided to make the things I use every day beautiful. Here's one example:
I think it looks cool with the different color glass and my supplies. Plus, it's all contained!

Baby, you can come out any day now, you hear? I had a checkup today, and I'm 90-100%, 1-2cm, and 0/-1 station. So maybe sometime this week???

Friday, May 2, 2008

You spin me right round baby...

Wow, does this Ballet T-shirt work up quickly. I'm going to have it done before baby gets here and I won't be able to wear it!


Okay, so probably not, since I won't bind off until I can be certain the length is long enough. But it does knit up fast.

No baby yet

Still no baby. I have about 2 weeks to go before something *has* to be done, so really, baby has plenty of time still. :)

I picked up my library book yesterday. It's Loop-d-loop by Teva Durham, and there are lots of gorgous patterns in there! I'm starting with Ballet T-shirt - it's knit entirely in the round with NO seams, just one continuous strand of yarn. The pattern is fairly simple, and the yarn is so soft - Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in Rug Red. It's a really old color, but it looks great on me.


My little SIL made me a beaded stitch marker for it! I love it, and everytime I come to it I know to mark a round. It's quite handy to have one that's different.