Thursday, July 31, 2008

I got one!

Care to guess what it is?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Something old, something new

Now that the summer months are here, I've been hanging the lanudry out on the line more often. It dries much faster that way, and I appreciate that I'm saving money. I like to shake things out before I hang them and make sure they're straight, and then fold each article as I take it off the line.

I've bought two pouches since Zeke was born - one red with white flowers, and one cream with a brown leaf pattern. I really like how simple they are to pop the kids in and out of. Today, I attended a babywrapping class and learned how to tie a simple wrap. They were also selling wraps to raise money for donating free wraps locally. I bought a plain brown one. I like how they distribute the weight more evenly. I don't think Zeke is too fond of it yet. I really want to work on it with Nick - he's been having some attachment issues lately.

I went out to Sage Junction last Saturday, and was sad to hear that Katie will be closing her doors as our LYS. It's only to make room for something new though - and in September there will be a new LYS coming to downtown Bismarck! I can't wait to have a comprehensive Local Yarn Shop.

Must remember:
Garage sale this weekend, get Jackson's preschool stuff together, wrap Nick.