Thursday, August 21, 2008


Back in January, my friend Alyse got me interested in a wide variety of "crunchy" family ideas. One was homebirth, though I already had an interest. Another was cloth diapers, for which I could see an immediate financial advantage. The last, babywearing, didn't seem to have any obvious advantages.
I had held all of my babies, and worn them with the standard Baby Bjorn carrier, but I almost always used a stroller when out and about. At home, I typically let the baby sleep in his crib or play in his bouncy seat.
Long story short, I let Alyse talk me into trying a couple of her slings. I used them right away with Nick (while I was still pregnant), but he wasn't very interested. I did some research online, and found that babywearing promotes bonding, allows for easy (and even hands free!) nursing, and comforts both mom and baby.
Since Zeke has been born, I've used the baby slings a lot more. I found the pocket sling type to be easiest to use for quick in and out, and especially with a small baby since they aren't expected to support themselves at all. I have also tried a wrap, and I like that for the versatility and greater security. I have gone back and tried all my slings and wraps with all of my kids, and I find the wrap to work best with Nick and Zeke, and the pocket slings to work best with Jackson and with Zeke when he was first born.