Saturday, August 9, 2008

A little shopping, a little sightseeing

I've been working on my Ravelympics projects. Today I added some rows to the Hippie Tunic and Tiger pants.
The Hippie Tunic has a great lace effect for a chunky yarn. I love how it looks like a net, and how it builds concentric V's around a tulip shape. You can't see it too well in the picture, but maybe once I get a few more rounds on it will be clearer.
My Tiger Pants are coming along nicely. I love how drapy the Malabrigo is - it just flows. If I set it down it pools almost like water. I can tell they are going to be super comfy for baby Zeke. Plus it's so soft, I could just sit and knit with it for HOURS.
I went out in search of needles for my baby socks. I thought I'd try Magic Loop, but I couldn't find 32" or longer US 3s, so I went with DPNs. And I went with cheep DPNs, so I could get this:
Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino in Fern Mix. I'm hoping to do the long sleeves from One Skein. I think the mohair haze will tone down the varigation enough to make it look super fine.
Oh yes, the baby socks.
These little cuties knit up super fast. I could do a sock a day. It took a little bit to get used to the stretchy yarn and the way the pattern marks rounds and the heel section. The pattern says to work on two circular needles, but I don't have two circs so I got DPNs. Instead of using stitch markers, it calls for keeping all the heel stitches on one needle and all the top stitches on the second needle. I ended up using one DPN for the top stitches and two needles for the heel and gusset stitches. I then used a stitch marker to mark the start of round for the gussets.