Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I look in the mirror and what do I see?

Two revelations for me today: I never, EVER have a "no drive" day. Between work and visiting relatives, we pretty much NEVER stay home all day. I may give myself a gold star as spring comes for days I walk to an event or errand - say, the post office, the grocery store, or the library. They all are about 10 blocks from here, so it's a nice walk when it's nice out. It can't be done with three kids in tow in 3 feet of snow, however.
My second revelation is that I'm obsessed with the % that I save on groceries. I average a savings of 20-40%. My ultimate goal is to consistantly see 50% savings on those receipts. That means I can only buy sale items, and only good sales, too. I can buy in quantity, but the value has to be there. Coupons are a must for most purchases.
I put up a shoe shelf in the boys' closet yesterday and organized all their shoes by size and type (dress, play, sandal). I felt so good when I finished that I was inspired to re-organize the play room, blow through three loads of laundry, and put together my new spinning wheel. I had a fantastic day yesterday!



Woohoo! I love organizing! Tho' you'd never know it to see my apt, lol! ButI like the feeling when something looks good. It just doesn't stay that way!

That's a lot of driving.