Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting ready for spring

This is the view of the yard from my back patio. Notice the plum tree in the center and the rose bush and grape arbor in front of the shed. The main garden area will be just to the right of that shed.

Here's the garden area. It's about 12' x 24'. Notice the compost bin in the back on the left. Also, notice the shade from the currently leafless tree. That will change, I promise. Most of my yard gets limited sun in the summer, and this is one of the best spots. There is a spot up front that gets more sun, and that's where I will be planting my tomatoes and peppers.

Here's my plan for the back garden. It's in 3x3 instead of 4x4 in order to leave room for 3' walkways. Additionally, I'll be carrying around a new infant starting in June and I don't expect to be able to reach the center of a 4x4. We have three young boys, and they will be helping as well.

In the plan, you can see two melon plants with lots of space around them. I do plan to trellis the Cukes, but I thought I would try one of the smaller "bush" type melons and see how they do without a trellis. It's an experiment, so bear with me.

Also, it probably looks like a lot of peas, beans, lettuce, spinich, and carrots. That is due to our participation in our state ag department's variety trials. We plant two varieties of each crop, and compare them at the end of the harvest season. The trials include enough seed for a 10' row, but I'm not sure how to convert that for SFG. I assume that the 1 plant per square plants will work like one square equals one foot row, and that the 9 plants per square plants will work like one square equals 3 foot rows. Does anyone have experience converting foot rows to squares?

The end of the hiatus

Nothing like taking a year off from blogging to make one want to start again! I've spent the last year checking out Facebook, researching school curriculums, coordinating our local MOPS group, and getting ready for a new baby (We're due in June!). Other minor projects have included purchasing a new vehicle (We welcomed a Suburban in July), repainting the bathroom upstairs, building a table, starting a saltwater aquarium, replacing all carseats, moving Ezekiel into the big boys' room, and basic school endeavors.

This year, we plan to change the garden over to a Square Foot Garden. We also plan to do a little wood working and build a few more furniture pieces. We have a big garage sale planned for sometime in May. We are working on converting my old office space into a dining room/school room/guest room.