Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dan's blizzard shopping

Neil came home from work in a sticky, sloshy, windy blizzard.  He noticed a box of German chocolate cake on the counter.   He immediately announced that he needed frosting, and that he was going back out.
I thought he was nuts. Not wanting to miss an opportunity however, I wrote out a quick shopping list. This is what he bought.

Store: Dan's Supervalu
Day of the week: Tuesday (last day of ad cycle)
Total cost: 26.74
Savings: 47%
Money saving shopping tip:  Always shop with a list.

I've been using the iPhone app "Shopper" by Midcentury Software ($0.99, app store) for over a year. I set up separate lists for each of the stores I prefer to shop at. At the store, I can add prices and check off items and the app maintains a running total of my cart. Whenever I need to send Neil to the store, I simply email the list to him. 
We recently got new Android phones. I was happy to find that this app is also available on the Android market (free).  Not all of the functionality has transferred over, but one neat feature has me pleased. By logging in as the same user on both of our devices, changes can be made by either of us and updated in real time.  Now, Neil can check items off as he shops, and I no longer have to update my lists when he returns home. Also, if he stops in for donuts, he knows exactly what else I want from that store.



Nice sale! I love seeing how much I saved (usually). At least when I'm not shopping when I'm hungry! Haha!

But in this weather? Crazy man!